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What Is Marketing Over Wine?

Marketing Over Wine is a chat between marketing professionals where they talk about the behind-the-scenes of marketing (their career stories, marketing strategies, successes, failures, challenges, and misconceptions) over an occasional glass of wine.

It started as a need to fill the gap for aspiring marketing professionals, serve as a resource hub, and provide specific insights into marketing.

Who Is The Show For?

Marketing Over Wine is for anyone curious about the humans behind the marketing of businesses and brands around the world.

If you’re a marketing professional seeking inspiration, fresh perspectives, and valuable insights from industry leaders, Marketing Over Wine is the podcast for you. Gain valuable knowledge and learn from the experiences and stories of other marketing professionals.

Olawunmi Olaniyi using a Scarlett 2i2 Interface for a Marketing Over Wine podcast episode
If you’re a business owner looking to understand the intricacies of marketing, Marketing Over Wine offers a wealth of information. Hear from marketing professionals about how they solved complex marketing problems, built exceptional teams, and scaled their products to support millions of users. 

If you are just a curious mind eager to learn and enjoy exploring different industries and professions, Marketing Over Wine will satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Dive into the stories of marketing professionals as they share their insights, challenges, path, wins, strategies, and creative processes behind successful marketing campaigns. 

What Will You Get Out of Listening?

You will hear the wins and losses of marketing professionals, successes and failures of marketing strategies, advice and insights on starting a marketing career, and so much more. These are real stories told by real marketing professionals around the world.



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Who Is the Host for Marketing Over Wine?

Hi there, my name is Olawunmi Olaniyi. Most friends simply call me “Niyi”, and I started Marketing Over Wine to fill the gap for real stories from marketing professionals.

When I started out in marketing, I always wanted to read other people’s experiences and find out how they got to where they were: how that person got the first client, what marketing strategy to use, how they created their marketing team, how to pitch my services, how to price my services, what roles are in demand, and so many more questions.

I want to change that…over a glass of wine.

Olawunmi Olaniyi hosting a Marketing Over Wine podcast session

How Do I Share My Story?

We are always looking to chat with marketing professionals from all roles anywhere in the world. If you would like to be interviewed or know someone who’s a great fit, please fill out the guest form below, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


If you’re interested in working with us, please fill the sponsorship form below OR email us at admin@marketingoverwine.com

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