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How I Grew My Digital Marketing Agency From $0 to 7 Figures: Career Lessons From a Marketing Communications Manager

Ben Guttmann, marketing communications manager shares his marketing career story, how he grew his digital marketing agency to 7 figures and much more.

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How This Microbiologist Became a UX Writer: Career Story and Lessons Learned

Katherine Igiezele is a UX Writer and Strategist at Toptal and the founder of UX Content Champ. In this interview, she shares the origin of her career story, addresses misconceptions...

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How I Quit Being a Restaurant Server To Become a 6 Figure SaaS Content Marketer

Mike Keenan was formerly a restaurant server, cleaner, bartender, and cook. Today, he earns 6 figures as a SaaS content marketer. Read his career story!

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The Empathy-Driven SaaS Content Marketer | with Praise Ojekudo

Praise Ojekudo is a B2B SaaS content marketer and copywriter. In this interview, she shares her marketing career journey, what it means to be empathy-driven, and so much more.

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How John Fawole, a Lawyer, is Building a Technical Writing Career

John Fawole is a Web3 technical writer and the content marketing lead at Blockchain Alpha. In this interview, he shares his technical writing career journey and how he's juggling...

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How Elvis Kawedo is Building a Lasting Beauty & Fashion Journalism Career

Elvis Kawedo, a beauty, culture, and fashion journalist who has worked with BBC News, Essence Magazine, Folklore, Okay Africa, and Quartz Africa, shares his fashion journalism career story.

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