How a Pharmacist is Building a Medical Writing Career | with Margaret Etudo

​Margaret ​is ​a ​medical ​writer, ​creator, ​LinkedIn ​manager, ​and ​founder ​of ​the ​Writing Hackers Academy, ​where ​she ​coaches ​aspiring ​and ​existing ​writers ​on ​becoming ​in-demand ​talent. ​

Over ​the ​years, ​Margaret ​has ​worked ​with ​prominent ​brands ​like ​Medical ​News ​Today, ​Forbes, ​WebMD, ​Healthline ​Media, ​and Fitbit, ​among ​others.

In this interview, she shares how she’s building a medical writing career with her pharmacy background, her process for getting marketing leads, and much more.

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How ​did ​you ​get ​into ​marketing and ​become ​a ​content ​marketer? ​What’s ​the ​story ​and ​what’s ​the ​blueprint ​for ​it?

This ​is ​a ​very ​funny story; if ​I ​think ​about ​it, ​I’ve ​never ​really ​said ​this ​to ​anybody ​outside ​my ​mom.

I ​started ​this ​whole freelance ​writing ​thing ​in ​December 2019. ​I ​started ​talking ​about ​it ​with ​my ​mom ​and ​someone close to me then. ​I ​was ​saying ​that ​I ​wanted ​to ​start ​helping ​people ​do ​their ​math ​assignments.

​I ​wanted ​to ​start ​helping ​people ​to ​do ​their ​math ​homework. ​I ​knew that ​ does something similar, so ​I ​thought, “​can ​I ​work ​under ​them?” 

​I ​was ​very ​good, ​and ​I’m ​still ​good at ​math. ​It ​was ​my ​favorite ​subject ​at ​that ​time, but the job wasn’t ​forthcoming. ​I just ​knew ​that ​I ​wanted ​to ​do ​something ​online, ​and ​it ​had ​to ​do ​with ​helping ​people ​to ​do ​something. ​

So, ​it ​was an option between ​doing ​maths ​and writing ​articles and ​essays ​for ​college ​students. 

In early ​2020, when COVID was looming, I decided ​I ​wanted ​to ​go ​into ​freelance ​writing.​ I ​saw ​this ​flyer on ​my ​friend’s ​WhatsApp status about someone ​teaching ​freelance ​writing. ​It ​was ​going ​to ​be ​a ​three-day ​class. ​

At ​that ​time, ​I ​just ​knew that it was a handwriting-on-the-wall moment. 

​I’d ​just ​gotten ​into ​pharmacy ​school. ​So​, I ​was ​still ​trying ​to ​figure ​out ​how ​to ​manage ​my ​labs ​and ​read ​my ​books. ​​I ​didn’t ​really ​have the ​time ​but ​I ​knew ​I ​wanted ​to ​do ​this. ​

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the N2,000 fee for the class. That ​was ​how ​broke ​I ​was. So, I borrowed it from ​my ​mom, ​and ​I ​can ​tell ​you ​that ​it ​has ​been ​a ​wonderful ​journey since then. ​

The funny thing is that I didn’t even have the ​time throughout the class duration, but when the lockdown started, and everyone in school was sent home, I ​had ​enough ​time ​to ​listen, read through, and ​learn. 

If ​you ​are ​trying ​to launch a product, focus on your unique selling point (USP). It is what separates you from your competitor - Margaret Etudo.

A month or two later, ​I ​got ​my ​first ​client; the ​rest ​is ​history. ​But ​yeah, ​that’s ​how ​I ​started ​building ​my ​personal ​brand. 

Two years ago, ​I ​registered ​my ​company.

Now​, I’m ​focusing ​on ​medical ​communications ​for ​health ​brands ​to ​help ​them ​ ​reach ​their ​patients, ​their ​audience, ​and other ​professionals ​with ​marketing. That’s ​what ​we’re ​doing ​at ​MedTech.

How will you explain the concept of content marketing ​to ​a ​five-year-old, ​or ​in ​layman’s ​terms?

Content ​marketing ​is ​using ​content ​in ​its ​various ​forms ​to ​talk ​about ​your ​business. 

For instance, if ​you ​sell ​car ​phone ​holders ​that ​Uber ​drivers ​use ​for ​holding ​their ​phones ​up ​in ​their ​car. ​That’s ​what ​your ​company ​is ​all ​about. ​

A ​content ​marketer’s ​job ​is ​to ​use ​videos, ​blogs, ​infographics, ​email, ​social ​media, and other forms ​to ​help ​you ​reach ​an ​audience — ​reach ​the ​people ​you ​are ​trying ​to ​sell ​it ​to. ​

In essence, they ​are ​using ​content ​to ​tell ​your ​story. A podcast is content. ​Video ​is ​content. ​Email ​is ​content. ​Social is content. And so on. 

​That’s ​why ​I ​feel ​like ​Google ​hasn’t ​done ​justice ​to ​what ​content ​marketing ​is. When you search for the different branches of ​digital ​marketing, they tell you content ​marketing, ​email ​marketing, ​mobile ​marketing, ​video ​marketing, ​SEO, and PPC. 

​But ​the ​thing ​is, ​content ​marketing in ​itself ​is ​encompassing. ​When ​you ​talk ​about ​blogs and ​promoting ​a ​business ​through ​blogs, that’s ​content ​marketing. ​

Most people try to separate video marketing or SEO from content marketing, and while I understand that they are more in-depth on their own, ​content ​marketing ​talks ​about them all.

It talks about ​videos, emails, ​podcasts, and ​social ​media. It ​even talks ​about ​mobile ​marketing. ​As ​long ​as ​you ​are ​trying ​to ​tell ​a ​brand ​story, ​whichever ​means ​you ​use ​is ​content ​marketing.

What ​is ​the ​process ​of ​marketing ​leads ​for ​you? ​How ​do ​you ​get ​clients ​to ​write ​for?

For ​WebMD, ​it ​was ​actually ​a ​referral, and ​I ​thank ​God ​for ​Bob.

I ​wasn’t ​looking ​to ​work ​with ​WebMD. ​I ​was ​actually ​looking ​to ​work ​with ​Medscape, ​which ​is ​like ​a ​brother ​site ​to ​WebMD. ​But my portfolio at that time didn’t match the ​medical writing content ​on ​Medscape and their brand. ​So, Bob ​sent ​me ​a ​contact ​in ​WebMD ​that ​would accept ​my ​work, ​and ​they ​appreciated ​what ​I ​was ​writing.

For ​Healthline, ​I ​was ​reached ​out ​to on LinkedIn. I often talk about the power of LinkedIn, optimizing your profile, and all that, so this is a true example. That ​was ​how ​I ​got ​the ​job ​for ​Healthline. ​

Fitbit ​is ​quite a ​complicated ​story. ​I ​went ​through the ​experience ​section of one of my LinkedIn connections ​and ​found ​out ​that ​she ​writes ​for ​Pfizer. So, I reached out to her and asked how she got to work with them.

She ​told ​me ​she works with ​an ​agency ​connecting ​her ​with ​these ​big ​brands. ​And ​I’m ​like, “​Oh, ​which ​agency?” ​She ​told ​me and ​gave ​me ​a ​contact at the agency. ​I ​started ​talking ​to ​them, and down the line, ​they ​gave ​me ​the ​job. 

​That ​is ​how ​I ​got ​to work with Fitbit. ​I ​do ​not ​have ​anybody’s ​contact ​in ​Fitbit, ​but ​ ​I ​got ​featured ​on ​Fitbit through that agency.

Are ​you ​able ​to ​share ​the ​agency?

​Industry ​dive.

You ​get ​hired ​by ​a ​startup or ​an ​established ​brand ​relaunching ​a ​new ​feature, ​and ​they’re ​asking ​you ​to ​help ​with ​the ​launch. What ​advice ​would ​you ​give ​them ​to ​get ​the ​word ​out ​there ​based ​on ​your ​experience ​with ​content ​marketing?

Well, ​ ​I’ll ​give ​them ​a lot of advice, so they ​should ​get ​a ​paper and pen.

If ​you ​are ​trying ​to launch a product, you ​have ​to ​ask ​yourself, what ​is ​my ​USP? ​What ​is ​my ​unique ​selling ​point? ​What ​is ​it ​that my brand has and other brands ​don’t ​have? 

​Is ​your ​product ​cheaper? ​Are ​you ​more ​affordable? All of it matters, no matter how little, because when ​we ​start ​talking ​about ​messaging, ​we ​​promote ​and amplify ​your ​brand’s ​voice. ​

Everyone ​wants ​to ​hear ​what ​is ​different.

Let’s look at an example; if ​LG ​was ​bringing ​out ​a ​new ​washing ​machine ​model ​into ​the ​market, how ​do ​you ​knock ​off ​Thermocool? 

So, I ask the question, what does LG do differently? 

It ​helps ​to ​reduce ​your electricity usage. ​It ​doesn’t ​need ​so ​much ​water ​for ​you ​to ​wash ​your ​clothes. ​It’s ​quick, ​it’s ​fast. ​These ​are ​the ​things people ​want ​to ​hear, and ​these ​are ​the ​things we will ​focus ​on. 

For our messaging, we’re ​not ​just talking ​about ​washing ​machines. ​We’re ​talking ​about ​the country’s ​economy ​and ​how ​people ​want ​to ​save ​on ​bills. ​LG ​can ​help ​you ​ ​stay ​stress-free ​yet ​get ​your ​clothes ​washed.

And ​then, ​when ​you’re ​done with identifying your USP, the next step is to decide ​what channels ​you ​want ​to ​use ​to ​promote. ​

Are ​you ​using ​social ​media? ​If ​yes, would ​we ​be ​contacting ​influencers? ​Are ​we ​looking ​at ​influencer ​marketing? ​Or ​are ​we ​looking ​at ​UGC? ​

However, UGC ​is ​cheaper and ​​as ​effective (or sometimes more effective) than ​influencer ​marketing. ​

So​, which ​one ​are ​we ​looking ​at? ​Are ​we ​looking ​at ​using ​your ​own ​social ​media ​channels? Are they ​strong ​enough? ​Are ​we ​going ​to set up ​PPC — ​pay-per-click ​ads — with ​Google ​Ads ​and ​all ​of ​that? ​

The ​target ​audience ​will ​influence ​the ​platforms ​and ​channels ​we ​use ​to ​promote ​that ​brand. 

When we finalize the ​plan, ​we ​can then ​bring in ​the ​experts ​that ​are ​needed ​at ​each ​point ​to ​ensure ​that ​this ​project ​runs ​smoothly, ​from ​the ​graphic ​designers ​to ​the project ​managers. Everyone ​has ​to ​be ​on ​board and ​carried ​along.

We will have ​a ​small ​team that attends feedback meetings. ​If we’re ​going ​to ​hire ​three ​graphic ​designers, ​only one ​graphic ​designer ​or the ​creative ​team ​lead ​will ​be ​in ​the ​meeting ​of ​people ​who ​decide ​the next steps. 

The ​thing ​about ​marketing ​is ​that once ​you ​have ​your ​blueprint ​set ​out ​and ​that ​campaign ​starts ​running, ​you ​don’t ​want ​anything ​that ​will ​cut ​it ​short. We’re ​trying ​to ​test ​here, ​we’re ​trying ​to ​record ​what ​we ​are ​doing. ​Is ​it ​working? 

​I ​was ​running ​an ​ad ​for ​the ​recent ​launch ​of ​my cohort ​last ​month ​and ​along ​the ​way, ​I ​decided ​to ​stop ​the ​ad ​running ​to ​Nigerians ​and ​try ​Nigerians ​abroad. ​What ​happened? ​It ​flopped ​because ​we ​needed ​a ​bigger ​budget ​to ​run ​that. ​I was able to note ​that ​down​, and ​it ​has ​helped ​me if ​I ​want ​to ​run ​the ​ads ​again ​for ​foreigners.

​So ​that’s ​the ​thing: ​you ​need ​to ​understand ​that ​we ​are ​going ​to ​be ​taking ​notes. ​So ​you ​don’t ​want ​anything ​that ​will ​cut ​that ​campaign ​short.

If ​you ​were ​allowed ​to ​only ​choose ​one ​marketing ​channel, ​which ​would ​you ​go ​for ​and ​why?

​I’m ​going ​to ​use ​my ​own ​brand ​as ​an ​example. ​So​, the ​Writing ​Hackers ​Academy ​is ​my ​brand, ​where ​I ​teach freelance ​writing, ​content ​marketing​, and ​how ​to ​make ​money ​online. ​Passive ​income ​kind ​of ​stuff. ​

If ​I ​were ​to ​go ​back ​in ​time ​and ​choose ​a ​marketing ​channel ​for ​that ​beautiful ​brand, ​I ​would ​start ​with ​Instagram. 

Why? ​Because ​of ​all ​the ​channels ​I ​have, Instagram ​is ​really ​hitting ​the ​ground ​running. 

​I ​started ​that ​account ​last ​year ​in May, ​and ​as ​of ​now, ​we ​have ​2000 ​plus ​followers ​compared ​to ​other ​accounts ​I ​have ​started ​long ​before ​that. It’s ​really ​growing; maybe not ​as ​fast ​as ​some ​people ​out ​there, ​but ​considering ​the ​effort ​I’m ​putting in, ​it’s growing ​well. ​

It’s ​about ​where ​your ​audience ​is and ​the ​platform. ​

If, for ​instance, ​the ​platform ​supports ​new ​accounts, ​that ​would ​affect ​your ​ ​decision, ​considering ​where ​you ​want ​to ​start. 

​I’m ​going ​to ​give ​you ​an ​example. For ​MedPenPal, ​I ​talk ​about ​how ​I ​can ​help ​brands ​with ​their ​content ​marketing, ​particularly ​in ​content ​management ​of ​blogs ​and ​all ​the ​rest. ​I ​also ​talk ​about ​how ​I ​can ​help ​health ​brands ​grow ​on ​LinkedIn ​through personal ​accounts ​or ​company ​page ​management. 

​Now, Medpempal ​is ​active ​on ​Instagram, ​TikTok, ​Twitter ​and ​LinkedIn. On ​Twitter ​and ​LinkedIn, ​I ​talk ​more ​about ​the ​content ​marketing ​aspects, showcase my ​writing ​skills​, and ​tell ​you ​how ​to grow your ​blog ​to attract editors ​looking ​for ​people ​who ​can ​manage ​their ​blogs. 

​But ​I ​focus ​more ​on ​the ​LinkedIn ​aspect ​on ​Instagram ​and ​TikTok. ​

Why ​do ​I ​separate ​this ​thing? 

​I ​have ​done ​my ​own ​research ​and ​found ​out ​that ​most ​people ​interested ​in ​all ​these ​things ​ ​we ​talk ​about, like content ​marketing, ​are ​on ​LinkedIn ​and ​Twitter ​compared ​to ​TikTok ​and ​Instagram. I’m ​looking ​at ​my ​audience. ​Where ​are ​they? ​

So, if a startup needs to pick a marketing channel, ​look ​at ​where ​your ​audience ​is and ​which ​channel ​will ​favor ​you; ​then ​​start ​with ​one. 

If ​you ​know ​that ​most ​of ​the ​people ​you ​are ​trying ​to ​look ​for, ​the ​people ​you’re ​trying ​to ​attract, and ​people ​that will ​pay ​you ​are ​on ​Twitter, ​then ​go ​all into ​Twitter. 

Take ​out ​twelve ​months, ​focus ​on ​Twitter, and see ​what ​happens ​when ​it ​starts ​growing. When it kicks off, ​you ​can ​decide ​to ​go ​to ​LinkedIn, ​Instagram, ​or TikTok.

Why is ​LinkedIn important for ​business ​owners and marketers? ​What ​can ​it ​do ​for ​them?

The ​reason ​why ​I ​chose ​LinkedIn ​is ​because ​that’s ​where ​people ​are ​going ​to ​pay ​me. Like I said earlier, the ​person ​I ​reached out to when I worked with Forbes, I found her on LinkedIn.

WebMD, ​Linkedin. ​Healthline, ​Linkedin. ​Fitbit, ​Linkedin. ​So ​why ​not ​LinkedIn? 

As ​a ​service ​provider, ​most ​people with ​the ​money ​to ​pay ​you what ​you ​deserve ​are ​on ​LinkedIn. The ​best ​thing ​you ​can ​do ​is ​focus ​on ​building ​your ​brand ​there, and ​people ​will ​naturally ​reach ​out ​to ​you. Opportunities ​will ​find ​you! 

That’s why ​I ​say ​LinkedIn. As ​a ​marketer, ​LinkedIn ​is ​where ​business ​owners ​and decision-makers are. There are ​VPs, ​VP ​assistants, and heads of departments on ​LinkedIn. ​So ​why ​won’t ​you ​take ​advantage ​of ​that ​opportunity ​and ​grow ​your ​brand ​on ​LinkedIn? 

Later on, you ​can ​choose ​any ​other ​social ​media ​platform ​to ​get ​more ​people and ​eyes ​for ​your ​business.

On ​Twitter, people say that there ​are ​redundant roles ​in ​marketing. Some say ​growth ​marketing ​should ​be ​part ​of ​content ​marketing. ​Others ​say ​content ​marketing ​or ​sales should ​be ​a ​part ​of ​digital ​marketing. ​ Are ​there ​roles ​that ​you ​think ​are presently ​redundant ​in ​marketing?

​I ​do ​not ​think ​any ​role ​is ​redundant in marketing. ​I’m ​constantly ​learning ​every ​day and recently, I found out that ​there’s ​a ​kind ​of ​marketing ​called ​Account ​Based ​Marketing (ABM). 

Now, ​if ​someone ​comes ​out ​and ​starts ​telling ​me ​that ​ABM ​is ​supposed ​to ​be ​under ​B2B, ​it ​doesn’t ​make ​sense ​to ​me ​because ​these ​things ​are ​there ​for ​a ​reason. ​Something ​like ​growth ​marketing ​now ​is ​technical. ​You ​have ​to ​start ​analyzing ​metrics ​and ​all ​of ​that. ​

So​, I ​do ​not ​really ​think ​or ​agree ​that ​these ​things ​are ​redundant. ​I ​believe ​that ​content ​marketing ​is ​a ​part ​of ​digital ​marketing, ​but ​inasmuch ​as ​it’s ​a ​part, ​it ​also ​has ​its ​own ​function ​for ​a ​brand. 

Despite ​the ​fact ​that ​sending ​out ​emails ​is ​a ​form ​of ​content ​marketing, ​​email ​marketing exists ​on ​its ​own. So​, you ​can’t ​say ​that ​email ​marketing ​is ​a ​part ​of ​content ​marketing. ​It ​has ​its ​own ​field, ​it ​has ​its ​own ​section. ​

If you own a ​content ​marketing ​agency ​and ​part ​of ​your ​service ​is writing ​emails, ​you ​cannot ​underestimate ​or ​undervalue ​an ​email ​marketing ​agency ​that ​only ​focuses ​on ​emails. ​They ​are ​as valid in their service ​as ​you ​are ​valid ​in ​adding ​emails ​to ​your​ ​service. ​That’s ​just ​it.

How ​do ​you ​repurpose ​your ​existing ​content ​to ​reach ​newer ​audiences?

When most ​people ​say ​repurpose, ​they ​think ​that ​it’s ​just ​to ​collect ​something ​you ​posted ​six ​months ​ago ​and ​post it again. ​That’s ​reposting. ​That’s ​not ​repurposing. 

​If ​I ​want ​to ​repurpose ​content ​I ​posted ​three ​months ​ago, ​I’ll ​​look ​at ​it ​and identify ​another ​angle ​I can use to create a new post. 

A ​content ​marketer's ​job ​is ​to ​use ​videos, ​blogs, ​infographics, ​email, ​social ​media, and other forms of content ​to ​help ​you ​reach ​an ​audience - Margaret Etudo.

For instance, if ​I posted ​three ​ways ​you ​can ​start ​or ​thrive ​as ​a ​finance ​writer ​in ​Nigeria, ​I can ​go ​back ​and ​pick ​one ​of ​those ​ways ​and repurpose it, saying, ​“This ​is ​one ​of ​the ​ways ​my ​student ​has ​been ​able ​to ​use ​and ​thrive ​as ​a ​finance ​writer ​in ​Nigeria.” 

​So, I ​repurposed ​that ​old ​content. ​I ​didn’t ​have ​to ​think ​of ​a ​new ​idea ​and ​I ​was ​able ​to ​get ​something ​fresh.

Additionally, another way is that ​if ​you ​write ​long-form ​content, ​you ​can ​break ​it ​into ​bits ​and ​expatiate ​on ​those ​bits. ​For instance, you can repurpose a blog post into a ​video ​for ​LinkedIn, ​Instagram, ​or ​TikTok.

You ​can ​even ​interview ​someone ​to ​talk ​about ​that ​topic on ​a ​podcast and ​break ​it ​down ​as ​newsletters.

If ​you ​were ​to ​pick ​a ​brand ​to ​work ​with ​presently, ​based ​on ​the ​amazing ​and ​prominent ​brands ​you’ve ​worked ​with ​already, ​which ​would ​it ​be?

I ​don’t ​have ​any ​brand ​at ​the ​top ​of ​my ​mind, ​but ​if ​you ​are ​talking ​about ​qualities ​based ​on ​my ​own ​experience, ​I’ll ​look ​for ​a ​brand ​that ​would ​help ​me be better because I believe ​there ​is ​always ​room ​for ​improvement. ​

​I also don’t ​want ​to ​be ​in ​a ​situation ​where ​I’m ​not ​free ​to ask questions, ​give ​my ​opinions, or ​make ​my ​decisions. ​That’s ​what ​I’m ​looking ​for. ​

​Right ​now, ​I’m ​in ​the ​stage ​of ​selecting ​who ​I ​work ​with, ​and ​that’s ​what ​I ​also ​encourage ​my ​students ​to ​do ​right ​from ​the ​onset: ​you ​shouldn’t ​just ​make ​yourself available ​for ​every ​job ​out ​there and ​always ​look ​out ​for ​yourself. 

​As ​much ​as ​you ​are ​trying ​to ​help ​somebody, ​you ​also ​need ​to ​be ​helped. ​And ​that’s ​exactly ​what ​I ​would ​consider ​if ​I ​am looking ​to ​work ​with ​a ​brand ​at ​this ​point.

If ​you ​could ​go ​back ​in ​time ​and ​give ​your ​younger ​self ​one ​piece ​of ​advice, what would it be?

One ​thing ​I’ll ​say ​is “​never ​give ​up.” ​As ​cliche ​as ​that ​sounds, ​I ​know ​how ​many ​times ​I’ve ​wanted ​just to pack ​up ​my stuff and quit. Fortunately, ​I ​haven’t, and the ​result has ​been ​amazing.

God ​is ​so ​amazing. ​He ​has ​made ​my ​30 ​years ​to ​be ​three ​years. ​That’s ​how ​I ​see ​it. So, ​I ​would ​tell ​my ​younger ​self ​to ​cling ​and ​hold ​on ​to ​God ​because ​it ​would ​be ​much ​easier ​when ​you ​do ​that. ​

Don’t ​give ​up. ​It’s ​not ​an ​option. ​My ​friend ​always ​says, ​“Last, ​last, we go dey all right, and ​if ​we no dey all right, ​we ​never ​reach ​the ​end.” This is translated to mean, “In the end, we will be fine, and if we are currently not fine, the end is not here yet. 

That’s ​what ​I ​believe. ​That’s ​what ​I’ll ​say.

What ​automation ​tools ​do ​you ​use ​as ​part ​of ​your medical writing ​workflow?

I ​use ​Notion for ​everything ​that ​has ​to ​do ​with ​managing ​my ​business. ​It’s ​beautiful! ​I use it to ​outline ​the ​activities ​I ​have ​for ​the ​month in ​my ​community, ​The ​Freelance ​Writers ​Haven ​Ng. 

I ​use ​it ​to ​outline ​my ​content ​calendar and ideas for my brand, The ​Writing ​Hackers ​Academy. For my other brand, MedPenPal, I do the same.

My content marketing friends and I ​organize ​our ​ideas for ​the ​Nigerian ​content ​marketers’ ​hangout (​a ​Twitter ​space ​held ​monthly) ​on ​Notion. ​

I organize ​many ​other ​things ​ ​on ​Notion — my ​emails, ​email ​list, ​and articles. You ​can ​literally ​do ​everything ​that ​has ​to ​do ​with ​running ​your ​business ​on ​Notion ​and ​connect ​it ​to ​Slack, ​where ​you ​will ​have ​conversations ​with ​people ​that ​you ​are ​working ​with.

The ​other ​automation ​tool ​will ​be ​my ​virtual ​assistant, ​which ​is ​not ​like ​a ​tool, ​but ​it’s ​a ​tool ​if ​you ​get ​what ​I ​mean.

Where ​can ​we ​go ​to ​learn ​more ​about ​Margaret?

Margaret Etudo on LinkedIn.

LinkedInmetro on Instagram and TikTok.

MedPenPal on Twitter.

In addition, you can also follow The Writing ​Hackers ​Academy ​on ​Instagram, ​Twitter, ​TikTok, ​and ​LinkedIn ​to ​learn ​freelance ​writing or get ​tips ​on ​how ​to ​make ​money ​online.