Episode 001: From International Relations to Content Marketing: The Journey, Lessons and Tips | with Olabisi Adelaja

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Olabisi Adelaja is a growth & content marketer and the host of Web3 Quick Bites, a podcast where she explores the world of Web3, Blockchain, AI, the Internet of Things, DAO, Dapps, and other emerging technologies.

In this episode of the Marketing Over Wine podcast, she shares her content marketing career journey, lessons learned so far, and how she pivoted from international relations.


(01:01) – Meet Olabisi Adelaja

(01:31) – What is content marketing for beginners?

(03:16) – Is content marketing restricted to only articles?

(04:18) – Web2 vs Web3 Marketing: What’s the difference?

(08:37) – Career story: Olabisi’s journey to becoming a content marketer

(15:33) – How did you price your service for your first role?

(21:46) – How to negotiate a better salary as a content marketer?

(26:50) – Olabisi’s highest amount earned on a single project

(28:45) – Steps in creating a content strategy

(33:20) – Content marketing tools used daily

(34:20) – What skills should a content marketer have?

(40:35) – Mistakes along your career and lessons learned

(43:25) – Favorite type of wine

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If you prefer reading to audio, read the career journey of Olabisi Adelaja from international relations to content marketing.

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