Episode 002: The Pharmacist Building a Medical Writing Career | with Margaret Etudo

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Are transferable skills worth it? Yes, they are!

In this week’s episode, Margaret Etudo shares how she’s building a medical writing and content marketing career with her pharmacy background, her process for getting marketing leads, and how she got to work with brands like Forbes, WebMD, Healthline Media, and other prominent brands.


(00:59) – Meet Margaret Etudo

(01:56) – Backstory of becoming a medical writer and content marketer

(06:26) – What is content marketing in simple words?

(08:42) – Margaret’s career progression and first salary earned

(12:23) – How to attract clients as a freelancer?

(14:34) – Brand relaunch 101: how do you relaunch a new product or feature?

(18:24) – If ​you ​were ​to ​choose ​only one ​marketing ​channel, ​which ​would ​you ​go ​for ​and ​why?

(21:32) – Why is ​LinkedIn important for ​marketers and business ​owners?

(22:52) – Margaret’s highest amount earned on a gig or project

(24:40) – Content marketing tools to make your workflow better

(26:38) – Is growth marketing redundant and should it be merged with other roles?

(28:48) – How to effectively repurpose ​existing ​content ​to ​reach newer ​audiences?

(30:05) – Pick a brand to work with

(31:17) – Advice to younger self

(32:23) – Learn more about Margaret

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If you prefer reading to audio, read Margaret’s career story: How a Pharmacist is Building a Medical Writing Career.


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