Episode 003: The Former Concert Pianist and Music Prodigy Who Built a Brand Strategist Career | with Grace Nikae

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In this episode, Grace Nikae, a former international concert pianist and music prodigy, shares how she made the switch to content & brand strategy, the inspiration behind it, her brand strategist career journey so far, how she makes her strategies human-centered, and much more.


(00:58) – Meet Grace Nikae

(02:05) – Origin story behind getting into the marketing industry

(04:20) – How Grace combines her creative side with the rigid ​sphere ​of ​startup ​marketing

(05:40) – Misconceptions around brand & content strategy

(07:06) – What are the steps to develop a brand strategy?

(08:15) – How Grace makes her ​marketing ​strategies ​human-centered

(09:50) – Idea behind Grace agency’s name (Kizuna)

(11:15) – What are the factors that contribute to startup growth?

(12:18) – How to ​maximize a ​content’s ​potential?

(13:55) – How do you know when a brand strategy isn’t working?

(16:03) – What books should every marketer and entrepreneur read?

(17:16) – How do you keep up with changing trends in the marketing industry?

(19:49) – How Grace Nikae ​gets ​inbound ​leads ​for her digital marketing agency?

(21:04) – How to spot the right marketing hire?

(22:26) – When should you start charging for your services?

(24:43) – Grace’s highest amount earned on a gig or project

(26:33) – When should you raise your prices?

(27:13) – What are the most important skills to have in marketing?

(27:17) – Some successes ​and ​accomplishments along Grace’s content ​and ​brand ​strategist career journey

(30:36) – How ​to ​balance ​​creativity with clarity and conciseness?

(32:06) – Best tips on remaining creative

(33:08) – Advice to younger self

(33:40) – Favorite type of wine

(34:18) – If ​you could ​have ​a ​glass ​of ​wine ​with ​any ​marketing ​professional, ​past ​or ​present, ​who ​would ​it ​be

(34:40) – Learn more about Grace Nikae

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If you prefer reading to audio, read How Grace Nikae, a Concert Pianist and Music Prodigy, Built a Brand Strategist Career.

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