Episode 006: The Lawyer Building a Technical Writing Career | with John Fawole

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My guest on this episode is John Fawole, a Web3 technical writer and the content marketing lead at Blockchain Alpha. John has worked with leading Web3 brands like Alchemy, Coinbench, Celo Foundation, Quicknode, NFTify, and Hacken.

The crazy part? John does all this while studying law at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria.


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(00:47) – Meet John Fawole

(01:57) – John’s technical writing career backstory

(08:05) – Can technical writing be less technical and more creative?

(10:09) – What does a technical writer do?

(10:36) – Do you need coding for technical writing?

(13:51) – Debunking misconceptions and myths about technical writing

(15:41) – How to get a technical writing job

(19:36) – How to build a technical writing portfolio from scratch and build competence

(23:29) – What skills do technical writers need?

(24:26) – Must-read books for technical writers

(25:36) – Advice for anyone who wants to be a technical writer (applicable to students and graduates)

(29:42) – Why you should write for yourself and develop yourself

(32:42) – What tools are needed for technical writing?

(34:46) – If John could have a glass of wine with anyone in the technical writing field or in marketing, who would it be and why?

(36:05) – John’s predictions for Web3 in 2024 and the future


If you prefer reading to audio, read How John Fawole, a Lawyer, is Building a Technical Writing Career.

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This episode was edited and produced by Olawunmi Olaniyi.


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