Episode 008: From Restaurant Server to Six-Figure SaaS Content Marketer | with Michael Keenan

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As a SaaS Content Marketer and SEO, Michael Keenan helps SaaS companies get new users from Google and turn them into paid accounts.

Over the years, he has worked with brands like Shopify, Descript, HelpScout, Fiverr, Segment, Aura, WorkRamp, and many more. Mike is also the co-founder of Peak Freelance, a global freelance writing community.

But Mike didn’t start there. At age 12, he began working in restaurants. Then, he worked as a waiter, bartender, caterer, and customer support.

This is the career story of Michael Keenan—it’s inspiring and exciting. Enjoy!


If you prefer reading to audio, read Michael Keenan’s career story: How I Quit Being a Restaurant Server To Become a 6 Figure SaaS Content Marketer.


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(00:00) – Introduction

(00:47) – Meet Michael Keenan

(02:13) – Mike’s journey to becoming a SaaS Content Marketer

(09:22) – Who is a SaaS content marketer?

(10:57) – Misconceptions around content marketing

(12:48) – How to write content that converts and not for traffic only?

(16:20) – How to write content that ranks consistently?

(21:58) – How did Mike go from sending 20 to 30 cold pitches per day on job boards and Upwork to working with Shopify, Descript, WorkRamp, and Help Scout?

(25:38) – If you were to do it all over, would you?

(26:31) – How do you set your rates and when is the right time to increase those rates?

(31:07) – Least amount earned on an article or project and most amount earned

(32:42) – How does Michael get SaaS companies to work with (client acquisition method)?

(35:47) – How to build a content operations framework?

(41:02) – What non-marketing books should marketers read?

(43:02) – How Mike spots the right hire for his marketing agency

(44:42) – Career biggest challenges and how he overcame them

(47:01) – Best advice for aspiring and exisiting marketing professionals

(48:48) – Tools used day-to-day as a SaaS content marketer

(50:10) – Favourite type of wine

(50:57) – Learn more about Michael Keenan


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This episode was edited and produced by Olawunmi Olaniyi.


Peak Freelance Community

Michael Keenan Website


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