Episode 004: How Esther Felix is Building a Brand & Marketing Communications Career: Origin & Lessons

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In this episode, Esther Felix shares her brand and marketing communications origin career story, how she uses storytelling and personality embodiment to ensure consistent messaging, and career lessons learned so far.


(00:00) – Introduction

(00:54) – Meet Esther Felix

(01:34) – Career story: the journey to becoming a marketing communications manager

(09:28) – What exactly is ​marketing ​communications?

(12:36) – Role of storytelling in brand ​and ​marketing ​communications

(18:20) – How do you ensure consistency in brand voice and messaging across various marketing channels?

(23:19) – Esther’s most amount earned on a project/gig/full-time role

(24:30) – How do you balance clarity and creativity in your brand’s messaging?

(28:17) – What is one marketing trend that is here to stay, and another to go?

(28:40) – How will marketing evolve in the next 5 to 10 years?

(29:07) – Advice to younger self

(30:05) – Is growth marketing redundant or necessary?

(34:50) – If you could have a glass of wine with any professional, past or present, who would it be and why?

(35:26) – Mistakes along career journey and lessons learnt

(36:18) – Learn more about Esther Felix

(36:29) – What next for Esther Felix and thetopazbrand?


If you prefer reading to audio, read Esther Felix career story: From English & French Studies to Brand Communication Manager.

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